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Hi members.  Thanks for joining.  I just had a look at the members list for the first time and noticed that nine people have already joined, even though no themes are posted yet and there has been no promo, so that was a nice surprise.  I'm sorry that there haven't been any themes posted yet.  Real life is being inconsiderate and getting in the way a lot recently.  Another apology for the layout since my graphic ability extends only as far as cropping images for a mood theme.

The first theme is on its way very soon and it is going to be a Hermione theme featuring images from all four movies and available in a variety of image sizes.  I chose to start with her because I've never seen a Hermione mood theme before.  I know of several other journals which have provided Harry Potter mood themes and thought it would be good to start with themes they haven't done.

However, it would be better to provide themes I know people want.  So this is a request post.  Please feel free to leave a comment letting me know what themes you want.  It can be a particular movie, character, pairing or group of characters (couples, friends, family, teacher/student, whatever), or anything you can think of that can be done with screencaps from the movies.  It's absolutely fine to request mood themes for any non-canon ships, since no other mood theme journals I know of will do those.  All comments will be screened. 

If you are going to make a request for a mood theme of a character that has had little screen time or one who has shown a limited range of emotions in the movies, please be aware that it may not always be possible to make a complete theme of just that person.  Obviously if that's what people want I will do my best, but in these cases it would be good if you could have a backup request of that character and some other character(s)
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