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Harry Potter Mood Themes

The first and only place dedicated solely to Harry Potter mood themes

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Welcome to Harry Potter Mood Themes, my mood theme journal which is here solely for me to post my Harry Potter themes. All of the themes will be available in a variety of image sizes and I will put a particular focus on providing themes you can't get anywhere else.

01. Please leave a comment when you take a mood theme. It's nice to know how many people are actually using it, and to know that those people are actually crediting me.
02. Please credit hp_mood_themes on your userinfo page whenever you use one of these themes.
03. Please do not hotlink to my preview images.
04. Please do not edit my themes in any way. If you want a theme without borders or colourised or any other variations, please request it or ask me first.
05. Please do not mix and match images from my themes with other themes, mine or other people's.
06. The pleases are me being polite. They don't mean that these rules are optional.

Click here for instructions on how to use a custom mood theme on your journal.

This is a shipping-neutral community. I will make mood themes of any pairings people want, whether they appear in canon as a romantic couple or not. I know that shipping is a very emotive and contraversial issue in the Harry Potter fandom, but I don't want it to be an issue here. People who don't ship the canon couples are absolutely welcome here, as are people who do. I will aim to provide for all of you.

I'm happy to make themes of pairings or groups of characters whatever their relationship in canon. Whether the relationship is romantic, family, friendship, rivalry, teacher/student or anything else I'm willing to make a theme of it.

I do understand the objections people have against the shipping of couples that don't or won't appear in the canon, but please understand that my decision to make themes of pairings other than canon couples is not intended as a slight against Jo or her books. I respect the canon and the right of the author to put whatever she wants it.

So just because I put two characters together in a mood theme, that doesn't necessarily mean that I (or people who request/use the theme) ship them as a romantic couple. If I make a theme of Ron and Ginny I hope you wouldn't think I ship them! So it's the same for any other pairings. Putting two characters together in a theme is just a representation of the relationship they actually have in canon. The person who uses it may ship them but alternatively they may like their canon relationship or just like those two characters most. I'm not going to avoid putting two characters, such as Harry and Hermione, together in a theme just because it could be interpreted in more than one way.

So don't post nasty comments when I post a theme of a pairing you don't like, or when someone posts to request or take a theme of a pairing you don't like.


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